How we helped BharatBox build an immaculate social media presence


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What is BharatBox

BharatBox is a new cultural hub featuring key partners from India’s entertainment, art, and sports sectors, including Bollywood. In partnership with Sandbox, a decentralised gaming virtual world, and subsidiary of Animoca Brands, along with Brinc, a leading global venture accelerator, The new entrants have joined The Sandbox’s virtual real estate by acquiring LAND NFTs in the open metaverse, committed to building experiences in Bharatbox.


With strong strategic partners BharaBox’s launch had to build hype and create buzz in the community and get people excited about Sandbox finally entering in India.

BharatBox needed an experienced marketing partner to create an effective campaign that would boost their engagement rate on Twitter, increase their organic followers, and drive up engagement.

They hoped to maximize the visibility of their brand, reach, and presence on Twitter with the goal of becoming a leading hub of metaverse conversation in India and uphold the branding of Sandbox.


We knew it would take an effective, well-thought-out strategy to achieve the results BharatBox wanted. The first step was to build a strong Twitter subscriber base and determine the types of content that would resonate with their followers.

Since BharatBox wanted to increase partnerships with leading businesses and have them build an experience on their Metaverse, we launched an extensive LinkedIn campaign using the profile of Mr Karan Keswani, CEO BharatBox and the company page to spread the word and increase brand awareness among our other potential partners. ( highlight )

During our research, we were able to pinpoint a variety of topics that were popular with their target audience, such as giveaways, platform announcements, interactive posts, and technical updates. We landed on a strategy that would incorporate these elements in an engaging and informative manner that promoted BharatBox brand and messaging.


A compelling twitter campaign was crafted where we started extensive engagement and posting on Bharatbox’s account while monitoring the analytics for trends.

We worked hard to craft compelling content that would draw in the right people and keep them engaged and put together a comprehensive content calendar that Bharatbox approved of.

We utilized various tactics such as hashtag research, multi-media posts, giveaways, and engaging questions to ensure that the content was interesting and relevant.

We penned highly engaging and utility driven content on Mr Karan’s LinkedIn profile and positioned him as an industry leader in his particular niche.


Our twitter campaign during Sebastians (CEO of Sandbox) visit to India proved to be incredible to drive up our reach

They enjoyed both instant and sustained success that we kept on building the hype for the content we planned in the following months

Our reach and visibility on LinkedIn for our content turned to be incredible, we achieved a manyfold increase in the engagement on our posts as well as saw a spike in the inbound leads on our LinkedIn pages.

2 lakh+

Impressions on Twitter

3.5 Lakh +

Impressions on Linkedin




Strategic Campaign Execution

At Blockwee, we strive to create campaigns that help businesses reach their goals and supercharge their performance.

Our goal is to provide our partners with the most advanced marketing strategies that generate tangible results in the shortest amount of time.

By utilizing the latest tactics and technologies, we are able to create campaigns that are tailored to each of our clients’ individual needs and help them thrive. We are proud to have played a part in BharatBox’s success story and look forward to helping them reach even greater heights in the future.