Yolo Cab is completely designed to make your daily commute smarter, safer and happier. The goal of Yolo Cab is to provide appropriate pricing to customers and offers credibility and transparency to the ride-hailing industry. The blockchain-technology of Yolo cab intent of empowering both the drivers and riders. There are no surge prices, no commission fees taken from the drivers, and a true marketplace where the fare is dictated by the community of riders and drivers.


App Click Through

15x Increase

in Twitter Followers


Individual Pieces of Content


Impressions Generated

The Ask

  • Launch marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness
  • Attract new customers and increase app downloads
  • Enrich social media profiles with useful and engaging content

The Solution

  • Studied the relevant target audience
  • Developed a detailed strategy and content plan for a comprehensive social media promotion
  • Created eye-catching images and gifs to increase engagement
  • Delivered a professional ad to highlight the brand’s USP
  • Set up target advertising on Instagram and Twitter


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