How We Helped Metalty Ventures Supercharge Their Engagement Rate in Just 2 months

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In order to enhance their engagement rate on LinkedIn, increase their organic followers, and generate more B2B leads by driving website traffic from their official account, Metalty Ventures sought the help of an experienced marketing partner.

Their objective was to increase the visibility of their brand, reach, and presence on LinkedIn and establish themselves as a prominent voice in the Metaverse Space. They had set high expectations and were keen to see quick results, which is why we set a one-month timeline to create and launch an effective campaign and begin tracking the outcomes.


Metalty Ventures needed an effective and well-planned strategy to achieve its desired results on LinkedIn. The first step was to analyze its existing LinkedIn subscriber base and determine the types of content that were resonating with its followers.

During our research, we were able to identify a range of popular topics with their target audience, such as industry updates, interactive posts, and technical news. We formulated a strategy that incorporated these elements in an engaging and informative manner, which effectively promoted Metalty Ventures’ brand and message.


Their LinkedIn analytics indicated that posting once every alternative day would maximize engagement, so we stayed within this limit.

We worked hard to craft compelling content that would draw in the right people and keep them engaged and put together a comprehensive content calendar that Metalty approved of.

We utilized various tactics such as Viral Topic research, multi-media posts, personal stories, and engaging questions to ensure that the content was interesting and relevant for our TG.


Blockwee endeavors to create marketing campaigns that not only help businesses achieve their goals but also invigorate their performance. 

Our main objective is to provide our partners with the most sophisticated marketing strategies that produce discernible results in the shortest possible time.

By incorporating cutting-edge technologies and tactics, we are able to tailor campaigns to meet the unique and individual needs of each of our clients. We take immense pride in being a vital part of Metalty Ventures’ success story, and we look forward to playing an instrumental role in their future accomplishments.