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Digital assets like crypto and NFTs have continued to grow in popularity in the last decade.

Bitcoin came as a surprise digital currency to many, and today there are more than 20,000 digital currencies you can use for different purposes.

Similarly, NFTs are in the trend. From digital arts to Super Bowl tickets, the demand for NFTs is soaring.

The most expensive NFT to date is The Merge, which sold for $91.8 million in 2021.

The Merge - Most Expensive NFT

OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace, generated over $2.7 billion in the first half of January 2022.

With the rise in the popularity of NFTs, there was an increase in the supply of non-fungible tokens, and several brands jumped in to reap the benefits of NFT success by launching their own NFTs.

The sudden inflow of NFTs led to the rise of specialized NFT marketing agencies to market NFT products and services.

This NFT marketing guide will share the top NFT marketing strategies to promote your digital assets. Bookmark this NFT marketing checklist to refer to it whenever needed.

Let’s begin!

What is an NFT?

What is an NFT?

NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are digital assets that give you ownership of digital collectibles, such as artworks, music, videos, and other unique items.

NFTs are based on blockchain technology and cannot be exchanged or interchanged. Every NFT is unique, and the buyer has full ownership of the non-fungible tokens.

Although NFTs have been there since 2014, they became popular in 2021 when a digital artwork named ‘Everydays: The First 5000 Days’ by American graphic designer Beeple was sold for a whopping $69.3 million.

Top NFT Marketing Stats

Here are some statistics that show how NFT has grown in popularity:

Benefits of NFT Marketing

Here are some of the advantages of NFT marketing businesses should look up to:

  • Create brand awareness: Marketing plays a significant role in increasing the prospects of any business. If you have a unique non-fungible token, you can create awareness and make people buy your NFT product.
  • Expand audience reach: You can create a marketing strategy to attract as many buyers as possible for your art collection.
  • Boost your revenue: It takes a lot of skills and experience to market NFT collectibles. You should set a marketing strategy that works to promote your artwork. The more buyers you can reach, the higher sales you will make on your NFT tokens leading to an increase in revenue.
  • Know your customers: Marketing is one of the best ways to promote your products. When you have a good marketing plan, you can understand buyer behavior and how prospects view your project. You can understand your target customers’ tastes and market your digital art accordingly.

Best NFT Marketing Strategies Checklist

NFT collectibles are unique digital assets, so having a unique marketing strategy is crucial to attracting NFT buyers.

To meet your sales target, you should focus more on increasing the demand for your NFT collections. A consistent and more effective marketing plan can promote your brand and increase sales.

Here are some of the top NFT marketing tactics to promote your products:

Use Social Media Promotion

Social media promotion is one of the most effective techniques to promote your project.

You should start with Twitter and team up with NFT influencers to create a group of loyal followers.

Similarly, you should create crypto communities on leading social platforms like Discord, Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and others to set a buzz about your NFT company.

Make sure to track the activities of your competitors because this will help you understand how your competitors are promoting their non-fungible tokens.

You can share stories, host giveaways and contests, perform live stream events and share press releases and videos about your NFT brand.

Leverage Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO services for NFT projects

SEO helps to promote your non-fungible tokens on leading search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

When you invest in SEO, you increase the visibility of your non-fungible tokens on organic search.

For instance, you can create content that contains the primary keywords most people use to search for non-fungible tokens on the internet. Higher rankings will attract more traffic to your website and improve your branding.

You can use the right SEO strategies like:

  • Making your website mobile friendly.
  • Optimizing for site speed to improve user experience.
  • Targeting the right keywords to improve branding and sales.
  • Optimizing existing site content for your target keywords.
  • Creating new content to defeat your current organic competitors.
  • Performing a comprehensive site audit to identify the SEO issues.
  • Doing significant ON-page changes to improve the SEO relevance score.
  • Acquiring high-quality links to boost the authority of your domain.

SEO is a long-term marketing strategy, so make sure you start your SEO campaign early and acquire significant traffic to your website before you launch your NFT, as this will help you acquire more buyers.

Build an Effective Ad Campaign

Running Pay-per-click ad campaigns on search engines and social media sites is one of the best marketing strategies because it instantly increases the chances of NFT sales.

Unlike SEO which is slow to show results, advertising campaigns can help to drive revenue in a few weeks.

All you need to do is to build an effective paid ads campaign to reach the most number of prospects willing to buy your non-fungible token.

You can place your adverts on Google, Facebook, and Twitter to give your brand the necessary online visibility.

Leveraging the power of both PPC and SEO can help your crypto business establish a solid online presence leading to more buyers and investors showing trust in your collectibles.

Use Blockchain Advertising Networks

One of the top strategies to increase your NFT marketing campaigns success is to target your audience with the correct marketing message on the right advertising platforms.

Major social media platforms, such as LinkedIn and Facebook, may restrict how far you should go with the adverts.

Therefore, as a blockchain advertiser, you should think beyond Google and Facebook to advertise your project.

There are other leading blockchain advertising networks that can significantly improve your project’s reach to acquire more buyers online.

Hence, you should also target specialized blockchain advertising networks to market your products because they are cost-effective and help attract the right audience.

Most NFT artists consider using blockchain advertising networks to promote their NFT collectibles and increase their sales.

Some of the popular ad networks you should consider including in your NFT advertising strategy are:

  • Coinzilla
  • Bitmedia
  • Coingecko
  • Notfin
  • Adshares
  • DOT
  • Ad Dragon
  • Bitraffic

You can also market your NFT art on crypto news sites like Coin Quora and NewsBTC. Most of these sites have a considerable following and top-notch investors.

Build An NFT Community

To promote your Non-fungible tokens to a large audience, you should focus more on building an NFT community. This way, you can communicate your marketing message to your target audience.

Millions of people on social media platforms like Twitter and Telegram are already in love with art collectibles.

You can start by creating your blockchain community on platforms such as Reddit, Discord, Quora, and Telegram.

The easiest way to attract people to your NFT community is to conduct opinion polls on social media.

You can also use NFT shilling to reward influencers on different community platforms to increase your reach and sales over time.

Try Guest Posting

Guest posting is another effective way to promote your NFTs. Several crypto and blockchain websites are always in search of guest contributors.

You can reach out to them via email to publish content on their website.

The idea behind guest blogging is to offer webmasters running crypto and NFT sites free content to become content contributors on their site. The content you publish on the site contains a link to your website.

Guest blogging gives you the chance to market your non-fungible tokens on several websites. Over time, the articles you publish on sites accepting blockchain-related content start to rank on Google and pass on referral traffic to your main website.

An increase in referral traffic from various crypto websites helps improve your branding and leads to more sales.

Use Video Marketing And Create Teaser Videos

Video marketing is another popular marketing technique to promote your digital art and other collectibles.

You can start by creating a short video of your upcoming project. The teaser video should be less than 30 seconds long to make the audience interested in your products.

You can also add high-quality images of your non-fungible tokens, include an excellent voice-over, and synchronize the background music to make your video more entertaining.

Teaser videos help you to add the hype to your upcoming digital art collectibles. You never know; if the video goes viral, it can tremendously help boost your project’s success.

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