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How we generated leads for Ultragenius through Personal branding. 200% Increase in brand awareness. 110%+ Increase in impressions on the


We supercharged Ocean’s branding with our engaging content Content that elevate the brand presence for Ocean 5+ Impressions on Twitter


How we helped BharatBox build an immaculate social media presence Services Brand building Social Media Marketing Strategic Campaigns What is

Ultra Genius

How we generated leads for Ultragenius through Personal branding. 3,00,000 + Impressions Gained in 15 days 5+ Viral Posts in

The inaugural EUBS brought together technocrats, business leaders, developers, investors, policymakers and thinkers who were curious about the future of global connectivity and the nature of 21st century commerce.
Yolo Cab is completely designed to make your daily commute smarter, safer and happier. The goal of Yolo Cab is to provide appropriate pricing to customers and offers credibility and transparency to the ride-hailing industry. The blockchain-technology of Yolo cab intent of empowering both the drivers and riders. There are no surge prices, no commission fees taken from the drivers, and a true marketplace where the fare is dictated by the community of riders and drivers.
The Dapp List is manifesting a Multi-chain Ecosystem for Curating the Web3 Adoption. It does this by eradicating centralized authority, supporting developers, and offering a community curated + validated dapps to explore and engage with.
Web3 Bharat (W3B) is a community that is bringing together curious minds pan India to spread awareness around Web3. The Objective is to setup a Web3 ecosystem in tier-2/3/4 cities of India so as to drive adoption by creating a network of Web3 creators and consumers.
The Guiding bee is about supporting young people towards a better future. At the guiding bee they focus on giving their customers the right advice, with more than 100 mentors from PAN INDIA, who have excelled in their lives.